About – Philosophy in Practice

I’m a philosopher in private practice (philosophical counselling and writing), based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been encouraged by some of you to distribute more widely my occasional pieces about this and that, and so I am. They go out to subscribers under the general title of “Questions Arising”. As in “Are there any questions arising from the minutes?”. I find there generally are.

They’re all under 500 words; not intrusive in size, but maybe enough to buzz around your head a bit, in a curious but friendly fashion.

I’ve started this blog as a gathering place for comments, conversation and other good thoughts. For more info about my work, and longer publications, please click the link under “Blogroll” to my main website, Philosophy in Practice. To subscribe to my email list, just send me a note.


5 responses to “About – Philosophy in Practice

  1. Karen Crossley

    Hi Helen,
    Please add me to your mailing list so that I can receive your newsletter. Sally King (nee Smith) was at school with me in East London and forwarded me your “what is philosophical counselling” article. When I saw the title my immediate reaction was “oh, philosophy, that is complicated”. But I read the article and found it fascinating, hence my request to join your mailing list.
    Regards Karen Crossley

  2. Of course. And thanks to Sally!

  3. Hi Helen,

    I like your idea that philosophy does not have to be obscure and dedicated to a narrow and privileged group of people. I look forward to reading more on philosophical counseling.


  4. Please could include me in your mailing list. I was directed toward philosophical counselling by a previous professor of mine. I think that there is potentially something quite wonderful in this. of course though I am enthused by the newness of it but I am keen to learn more.



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