Notes for readers

A couple of things I want to say about the words I use in these essays.

• When I say “we” I’m not meaning anything royal or universal. It’s just first person plural: me plus any you who wants to sign on.

• Likewise, “you” is anyone listening who feels addressed. Yes, I mean you. Hello!

• When I tag these posts as “everyday philosophy”, I’m wanting to make an example of myself, and invite you to play. Questions arise in life; it’s what they do. They call you to wake up, to engage. This is good and rich and powerful stuff. It’s your birthright. All you have to do is train your nose.

• All opinions expressed are valid at the time of writing.


4 responses to “Notes for readers

  1. Hi Helen, delighted to have found this blog after reading Samantha Vice’s paper, and saddened and encouraged by some of the comments. I would like to subscribe to your blogs. I also think and write about these issues but as a journalist, not as a philosopher, and blog under the name

    The one observation I have for now on Samantha’s paper is that her analysis doesn’t go far enough. It is not simply being white South Africans that is the issue. We should also accept guilt and shame for being white and middle class at this moment in the world’s history for our consumption in an environmentally challenged world. But as for shameful silence, I think i agree with Taylor on this one, that silence contributes to maintaining the privileges of whiteliness and gluttony. So I do think one should engage, but ever, ever so carefully and respectfully, recognising always that, as my husband always says, “there but for the grace of god go I”.

  2. Hi Helen, please subscribe me.
    Thank you and regards.
    The BiPolarBear (Pretoria).

    • Hi Quinten. I will add you to my mail list, but if you want to subscribe to the blog you need to do it yourself by clicking on “follow”. Thanks for your interest. Nice to connect. Helen

  3. It continues to awaken me with a sense of wonder how so often an event occurs in my life and, within a few hours, a connection, an answer, a meeting point arises giving me the opportunity to ponder anew the feeling that had arisen withn me. Opening my mail this morning there was “Another question arising – Thoughts at sea’. Ah I said to myself so there are people who understand. The sense of disconnect, of being lost at sea lifted. Thank you for “getting it” See you Tuesday. Doreen

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