QA 1. (Jan 08) Far too important to leave to philosophers

beyondPart of my mission as a counselling philosopher is the desire to encourage the revival of philosophy as it was originally practiced, as a way of life. To encourage people to think more deeply about what matters to them. Philosophy is not just an academic endeavour of the very few, engaged in arcane arguments about matters nobody in their right mind would ever care about (although it has its moments). Our own lives provide plenty of material for philosophical examination, and this examination can in turn enrich our lives.

Philosophical practice simply means that we engage with our world, with attention and care and presence. We are all philosophers already. We all have points of view and beliefs and values that guide our judgements and our actions. And as Amilcar Cabral, leader of Guinea-Bissau’s anti-colonial forces, wrote: “We have been capable, and must constantly be more so, of thinking deeply about our problems so as to be able to act correctly, to act strongly so as to be able to think more correctly.”

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