About – Philosophy in Practice

I’m a philosopher in private practice (philosophical counselling and writing), based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been encouraged by some of you to distribute more widely my occasional pieces about this and that, and so I am. They go out to subscribers under the general title of “Questions Arising”. As in “Are there any questions arising from the minutes?”. I find there generally are.

They’re mostly under 500 words; not intrusive in size, but maybe enough to buzz around your head a bit, in a curious friendly fashion.

I’ve started this blog as a gathering place for comments, conversation and other good thoughts. For more info about my work, and longer publications, please visit my main website, Philosophy in Practice or send a note to helen@philosophy-practice.co.za.

Thanks for dropping by.

Helen Douglas MA




5 responses to “About – Philosophy in Practice

  1. Karen Crossley

    Hi Helen,
    Please add me to your mailing list so that I can receive your newsletter. Sally King (nee Smith) was at school with me in East London and forwarded me your “what is philosophical counselling” article. When I saw the title my immediate reaction was “oh, philosophy, that is complicated”. But I read the article and found it fascinating, hence my request to join your mailing list.
    Regards Karen Crossley

  2. Of course. And thanks to Sally!

  3. Hi Helen,

    I like your idea that philosophy does not have to be obscure and dedicated to a narrow and privileged group of people. I look forward to reading more on philosophical counseling.


  4. Please could include me in your mailing list. I was directed toward philosophical counselling by a previous professor of mine. I think that there is potentially something quite wonderful in this. of course though I am enthused by the newness of it but I am keen to learn more.



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